Vaxin is focused on developing better, safer and more convenient vaccines.

We use an innovative platform technology to create non-invasive vaccines to control infectious diseases.

Targeted immune response for strong protection

We are developing modern vaccines using the latest recombinant technology to deliver effective protection against diseases. Our adenovector platform presents targeted proteins in the correct context for robust stimulation of the immune system.

Our platform technology has the potential to work with essentially any antigen. The vector is highly immunogenic and new vaccines can be produced rapidly at low cost and high yield.

Gentle administration for easy delivery

We are developing alternatives to the traditional needle, such as nasal and skin delivery methods. Many pathogens, including influenza and the bacterium that causes tetanus, enter the body through the nose or the skin. By vaccinating against these pathogens at the site of infection, our vaccines produce immunity where it is most needed.

Quality products are good for business

Our products are based on a safe, non-replicating adenovirus vector that can deliver vaccine antigens (proteins) to the natural site of infection where they stimulate a strong, protective immune response often after a single vaccination. We implement good scientific practices in all aspects of our programs to maintain high quality standards.

Diverse Portfolio

Our lead programs include vaccines for seasonal, pandemic and avian ("bird-flu") influenza, and anthrax. We are also developing vaccines for animal health, including vaccines to protect poultry and swine, and a vaccine to sterilize cats and dogs, sponsored by the Found Animal Foundation (FAF).

Preventative Medicine

Vaccines, once considered commodity products, have become one of the largest growth areas in health care in recent years as trends in health care economics, preventative medicine, and public-health policy are leading to greater usage. The resistance that disease pathogens develop to small molecule therapeutics is helping to drive the growth in vaccines. Vaxin is well positioned to participate in this market growth with both novel vaccine candidates and products that provide significant improvements over what currently are on the market.

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